Spend an entire day with licensed attorney and law school coach Sephora Grey

I’m ready for my VIP DAY

Logistics: All VIP days take place in person and Sephora will travel to you. For that reason, all VIP days must be booked a minimum of two months in advance. VIP Days are limited to 8 hours. VIP Days are first come first serve and will be limited to accommodate Sephora’s schedule. All VIP Days will take place in the United States. Upon booking, you will receive an email from Sephora asking you to fill out a form so she can begin planning your VIP Day. Payment plans are accepted; however, the balance must be paid in full before your scheduled VIP Day.

Fine print:

All VIP Days are subject to approval by Sephora and Topping the Curve. If for any reason Sephora cannot travel to you or accommodate your schedule, you will be refunded in full. Although VIP Days are intended to create your law school career strategy and application strategy, it is by no means a guarantee of results. The full terms and conditions as listed on Sephora and Topping the Curve’s website applies to VIP Days and every offer Sephora has, as does the mentorship agreement. Please read the terms hereRead the agreement here.