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Design your own vision of success

Transformative Woman Life coaching helps ambitious women reach their life goals, embrace their true potential, and become the most empowered and successful versions of themselves.

In this foundational empowering 8-week group life coaching program we will guide you in reaching your life goals and passions, while equipping you with the tools to identify and overcome roadblocks that have been holding you back. Our aim is to support you in transforming your life into one that aligns with your authentic self and leads to long-lasting fulfillment and success.

Are you a woman who resonates with any of the messages here?

Do you consider yourself to be aspirational and designed for a life full of everything you deserve?

Do you have so many visions of what you could be and what you could offer or give to the world?

Are you ready to tap into those desires and unlock your potential to live your most successful and abundant life?

If yes, then Transformative Woman is for you. In this program you will learn and get help:

  1. Fostering self-awareness and identifying areas of growth, values, and aspirations
  2. Identifying and defining SMART goals
  3. Exploring mindset patterns and beliefs that are holding you back
  4. Embracing and putting into practice new habits & strategies to remove perceived roadblocks
  5. Building unshakeable self-confidence and developing strategies to leverage strengths
  6. Establishing habits that promote physical and mental well-being
  7. Creating an action plan to transform your life from “good” to “WOAH”
  8. Taking consistent action to maintain sustainable success

Give me all the details on the Transformative Life Coaching Program!! I’m READY!


Transformative Woman Foundations is an 8-week coaching program where we will work together twice weekly to get you on a clearly established path to meet your goals. Specifically, each week you’ll learn new techniques and examine things in your life that may be hindering your growth or blocking you from seeing a clear path forward. In addition to establishing clear goals, aligning your self-identity, raising confidence, and clearing roadblocks we’ll also examine and re-evaluate habits to see how they’re affecting you on a daily basis. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have:

  • Built unshakable confidence in yourself and your goals
  • Learned to manifest anything and everything you could dream of having
  • Fortified your abundance mindset
  • Formed clear goals and a clear path to achieving them
  • Designed new routines and schedules to maintain your success for long after the program
  • Identified and removed mind blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Embraced healthy and sustaining successful habits tailored to your goals

The Transformative Woman Life Coaching Program includes:

Eight Weeks of undeniable coaching, learning and self-discovery

Eight Coaching Sessions: Each week, you will attend a live coaching session directly related to helping you identify and reach your most successful self.

Eight Discussion Sessions: Each week, you will attend a live discussion session where you will talk about the ways you have implemented the strategies from coaching. You will learn from the other women and talk through any obstacles.

Life Coaching Workbook: Each student enrolled in the course will get a workbook for their personal use as they progress through the program.

Forever Community: Once in, you’re in. A community of women who are on their own journey to success who you can talk to, learn from, and create lasting bonds and memories.

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Ask yourself…

If any of these excited you or you started envisioning what your life could be…then you are a Transformative Woman.

I’ve seen enough. I’m ready to book a consult.

You should book a call if you are a woman or woman-identifying person who:

1. Is ready to make a four-figure investment in their future. 
2. Is ambitious and hard-working and ready to put in the work NOW.
3. Has goals of living a big life with big dreams and goals to match.
4. Want guidance on reaching your goals & the steps to get there.

If any of these sound like you, fill out an application and book a call below.

The 8-week Transformative Woman Coaching Program enrollment is limited to 10 women. Ready? Fill out the application and schedule a call!

About Sephora Grey, Esq.

Sephora is a licensed attorney and a life coach. She has coached many individuals in career, life, and goal attainment. In just two years, she has coached well over 75 individuals who have gone on to top law schools, lucrative career positions, big law firms around the country, federal government positions, clerkships, and many other private career positions. Other individuals have reached personal and life goals, and increased their income substantially. Sephora uses her life and success coaching expertise to help women reach the fullest versions of themselves through Transformative Woman Life Coaching. Sephora has also participated in many public speaking learning events at undergraduate universities, law schools, and private organizations. To learn more about Sephora, please click here.

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