Ready to Reclaim Your Freedom?

You’re here because you are a high-earning woman.

You’re probably trading your time for money.

You want financial freedom.

You want to work when you want, how often, how long, and where you want.

You want to spend more time with family.

You want to empower and help others.

You want to build wealth.

And you want to do it and keep a 6-figure salary.

Then you’re in the right place.

Whatever you need in your business, I’ve got you.

Just Starting
Take the right steps to get your business fully launched
– Lay the proper business foundations
– From idea to launch, get your business up and running
Getting More Clients & Sales
Remove the bottlenecks stopping your business from seeing consistent clients and sales
– Identify and solidify marketing & sales troubles. 
– Creating business systems to increase automation
Business Strategy
Solve specific problems your business is facing in business strategy calls
– marketing
– sales
Scaling your Business
Take your business to 6-figures and beyond

Here’s what not starting your business is costing you

How much time with your family are you giving up by staying in your job? Imagine how much extra money you’re leaving on the table by giving your talents to someone else. How much is your freedom worth to you?

Here’s the sign that you’re ready to launch your business

You have been feeling:

Like you’re tired of answering to someone else.

Burnt out. Unappreciated. Frustrated.

Unfulfilled or widely dissatisfied at work.

You don’t want to ask for permission to take off and spend time with family

Scared. Afraid. Overwhelmed.

You want to bring in more money.

Imagine this…

It’s Tuesday morning and you’re just waking up at 10am to no alarm. You stroll into the kitchen to make a nice breakfast for yourself and if you have kids, the nanny has cooked for them. You enjoy that breakfast around the kitchen table and then get ready for your daily walk or yoga, or if you have kids, spend time with them. Around 1pm you head to the nail salon and then to go shopping. You grab lunch while you’re out and come home around 4pm to spend the rest of the day relaxing. You eat at the kitchen table with your partner and kids around 7pm. You get the kids ready for bed and enjoy some tv time until 10pm. You don’t work that day because you didn’t want to.

Does that sound like a life you could live? This is the transformation you can have.

After working with me you will:

  • Have more time: Use your newfound freedom as you please to travel, spend time with family, or try new things.
  • Create your own schedule: Work when, where, and how often you want.
  • Make more money: Achieve financial freedom and start building true wealth.
  • Start your dream business: Finally start a business so you can be fulfilled and empower and help others as you please.
  • OH AND DO IT ALL WHILE WORKING FULL TIME: Leave your job when YOU are ready.

What do I do?

  • help women make more money.
  • help women get free from the shackles of their full-time job by launching their own business.
  • help women stop trading time for money and having to work 70 hour weeks for a six figure salary.
  • help women be able to spend more time with family, and take that vacation when they want to.


What you’ll get:

At Transformative Woman, L.L.C. we know you are the kind of woman who wants to be free to live life as she pleases. You need to launch your own business so you can take vacations when you want, spend time with your family, work when you want, and build generational wealth. The problem is your are giving all your time, money, and expertise to your full-time job and employers who are capitalizing off of that expertise which makes you feel unfulfilled. We believe that you should make as much money as you can from your own talents, experience, and expertise. We understand the struggles of being in a 9-5, lacking time, and lacking freedom. That’s why we created this company to help women just like you launch your own business. Here’s how it works: 1. Book a consultation call, 2. Get your coaching proposal, 3. Start launching your business. So book your consultation call now so you can stop giving up your freedom and trading time for money, and start choosing how you will live your life, working when, where, and how you want.

Why am I doing this program?

I didn’t want to be beholden to the 9-5.

I know what it means to rely on someone else for a paycheck.

I know what it means to be told “no” to take days off.

I didn’t like it.

So I started my business while working full time as an attorney.

I successfully brought my business to $10k+ months in a years time.

What would $10-$20k months do for you?

I want more women to experience the freedom to live their life on their own terms, and not at the beck and call of a 9-5 boss. To have the financial freedom to do as they please. Now I help others do what I have done.

About me

Sephora Grey, Esq. started her law school coaching business while working full time as an attorney and scaled it to six figures while coaching over 75+ clients in her first year in business. Now, in her business, Transformative woman, she coaches other professional women how to start their own business so they can financially free to spend time with family, build wealth, travel, and empower and help others.