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The law school application process is a holistic review process and you need to know how to present your best self on paper. This includes maximizing your strengths, and demonstrating how you have overcome obstacles or conquered your weaknesses. Below are coaching packages to help you succeed. Please choose the option that is best for you. Package summary: (1) law school application package; (2) current law school student package; (3) Long-term mentorship; (4) 1-1 meeting, consultation or mock interview; (5) Document review; (6) Choosing a law school

Disclaimers and notices: Please note that all packages are non-refundable once services have begun or once documents have been edited and/or reviewed. By booking any service or package you are attesting that you have read the mentorship agreement linked HERE and agree to be bound by its terms.

Mentorship Package #1: Law School Application

Full Service Package

This is a month long in-depth mentorship package. The law school application advising process includes: Multiple edits (usually over 3 rounds) of (1) personal statement review; (2) diversity statement review; (3) resume review; (4) supplemental question review. Additionally: (5) law school selection process analysis (you provide the list and I review); (6) career considerations; (7) financial considerations; (8) law school addendum help; (9) broadband strategy overview; (10) 24/7 access to Sephora plus research help/guidance, and (11) Q&A for any other questions. For documents to be reviewed, please have them written prior to booking this package. Meeting times will be once weekly over zoom. However I am available at all time outside of the meetings. For any mentee who wishes to continue mentorship beyond the month, they may add package #3 to this package. This package is $1500. Prospective mentees may book a consultation for $50. This fee goes towards package cost. Please book by clicking here. Payment plans are available, please contact me.

Law School Custom Package

This is version of package 1 that can be customized to your needs. Please refer to the full service package for specifics and inclusions. For any other iterations or payment plans, please contact me.

Partial Package InclusionBrief explanationCost
Numbers 1-8No access to Sephora outside of the once weekly meetings, and the only services included are the ones listed. No other questions or outside research are included with this package. Meetings are once a week.$1000
Book this package here
Numbers 1-4Multiple rounds of edits of the general application materials. (generally 3-5 rounds of each). Only includes the numbers listed. No access to Sephora outside of the meetings, and no other questions or outside research are included with this package. Meetings are twice a month.$550
Book this package here
Contact me for pricing plans

Mentorship Package #2: Current Law School Students

This is a month-long in-depth mentorship package. This advising session is geared towards 1L law school students who have questions about what choices to make in law school or how to best prepare themselves for success. It includes: (1) Scheduling help/advice; (2) Memo/Brief writing tips; (3) Choosing extracurriculars; (4) Resume review; (5) Outlining & study tips; (6) Networking & email templates; (7) Grades overview; and (8) Q&A to many other law school related questions. This package is a personalized mentorship session. Meeting times will be once a week for the month; or 3-5 times during the week to adequately cover all topics. For any mentee who wishes to continue mentorship beyond the one month, they may add package #3 to this package. This package is $1000. Prospective mentees may book a consultation for $50. This fee goes towards package cost. Please book by clicking here. Payment plans are available.

I am committed to helping current law school students find success in and outside of the classroom.

Mentorship Package #3 – Recurring Mentorship

This is a long-term mentorship package for students who desire continuous mentorship. It is intended for sustained growth with continuous check-ins and follow-ups. Meetings are once monthly via zoom with unlimited email and text access during business hours. This package is intended to grow with you as you encounter new phases throughout your pre-law and law school career. Mentees will work with Sephora on a monthly basis during any phase of the law school application process or throughout law school. Topics to be discussed will vary based on each mentees needs. This package DOES NOT include any document review, solely advice. This package is $200 monthly. It is non-refundable for previous months but you may cancel for the next month in advance. Please book by clicking here.

Mentorship Package #4 – 1-1 Meeting

This package is for students who want to schedule a consultation, advising session, mock interviews, or who otherwise just want to chat. Conversations will take place via zoom and will be 30 minutes in length. This package is $50 for one 30 minute meeting. Once payment is received, you will receive an email to set up a meeting time. Please book by clicking here.

Mentorship Package #5 – Document Review

This package is for document review. Any student who would like a document reviewed should book this package. Document review cost chart is below. Please be sure to pay according to your document cost. Once payment is received, you will receive an email asking you to provide your document. Please answer the questions in the email to ensure your document is reviewed appropriately. This service is for one edit, one time, per document. Turnaround time is 7-10 days from the day I receive the document.

Resume $50- book here
Personal Statement $100- book here
Diversity Statement $75- book here
GPA Addendum$75- book here
Law School Optional Statement$75- book here
Other statement/documentcontact me

Mentorship Package #6- Choosing a law school

This package is for students who don’t know what law schools to apply to. I will create a comprehensive list of law schools (max 25) that are best suited to your career goals, your law school application package, specific non-negotiables, geographic desires, and more. Although I highly suggest that you know your GPA and LSAT score prior to booking, it is not necessary that you know what type of law that you want to practice. The list I provide to you will include the schools, an explanation as to why I think it’s a good fit for you, and the resources I used to create the list so that you can access them as well. I will base the list solely on the information you provide to me so it is in your best interest to be as thorough as possible when I request your information. Turn around time is 10-14 business days. This is first come first serve and I will email you once it is your turn. If you have submitted payment there is no need to email me. This package is $150. Book here

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Sephora Grey Mentorship
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Rachel Ling
The best OCI prep mentor!

The competition of getting into biglaw has always been fierce, and I'm so lucky to have met Sephora before this year's OCI began! Sephora has abundant experience interacting with practicing attorneys, so she knows what the interviewers are most interested in learning about candidates. I had a brief one-time meeting with Sephora, during which she quickly and accurately spotted my strengths and weaknesses during interviews and provided a lot of practical advice for me, based on which I was able to improve and eventually get my dream offer! Sephora is the mentor who can help build your personal image and craft an impressive narrative for starting your career path!

 by Zenab Chouai
Best Law School Mentor EVER!

Where do I start? My experience with Sephora`s "Mentorship Package #1: Law School Application" was nothing short of a miracle. Before I found her as a mentor, I felt defeated by my law school statements, resume, applying strategies, etc. Once I had her by my side guiding me through all the proper steps to take I completely changed my mindset. She is just a positive energy and knowledgable source to have during this stressful process. Not only did she review my documents but she took intricate time to make sure I understood any changes that needed revision. She also addressed any questions or concerns I had about law school or applying to law school and I had quite a lot. Moving forward because of her services, I now have the confidence and resources to excel at successfully applying to law schools, without fear. Sephora is highly passionate about mentoring and will not disappoint! It does not matter what phase of the law school process you are in, she will serve as a great mentor all around.

 by Naudia
Highly Recommend

I believe Sephora is committed to your success and willing to go out of her way to help you along the way. I appreciate her diligence, accountability, and honesty throughout my first year of law school. As a first generation student, law school is a challenge, so I appreciate her commitment, even miles away, to make sure I had the proper tools to succeed my 1L year. I highly recommend building a bond with Sephora, I promise you won't regret it!

 by Mikaela
Get Sephora in your Corner Today!

Sephora is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about mentoring students at all stages of their law school journey. When I first met with Sephora, I was unsure if law school was the right path for me. From the outside looking in, applying to law school can seem overwhelming! Sephora became a great resource by demystifying the process for me. Through one-on-one sessions we discussed the law school application process, financial considerations, scholarships, LSAT study guides, and career paths within law. Sephora has a strong grasp on the current law school application landscape and is thorough in providing information and resources. Sephora ensured that I was well informed so that I could make the best career decisions for myself. Not only is she a great resource and mentor, but she is also an encouraging and positive force to have in your corner. Before meeting with Sephora, I was overwhelmed. After meeting with her, I felt complete clarity because she addressed every concern and consideration I had and presented it to me in an organized way. Whether you are considering applying to law school, completing your law school applications, or a current law student, I highly recommend booking a package with Sephora. She is an excellent mentor all the way around.

 by Jazmin
Personal Statement Review/Personal Advice - Law School Admissions Process

Going through the revision process with Sephora offered me a more thorough look at producing a great personal statement. Her advice on the admissions process helped ease my anxiety. Sephora is very prompt and thorough with her responses and I was very satisfied with the help that I received.