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I am now accepting mentees! The key to succeeding in law school is more than just getting good grades, and I can help you do that and more. Below are four mentorship packages to help you succeed. Please choose the option that is best for you. If you are looking to sign up for a course or group class, please do so here.

Mentorship Package #1: Law School Application

The law school application process is a holistic review process and you need to know how to present your best self on paper. This includes maximizing your strengths, and demonstrating how you have overcome obstacles or conquered your weaknesses.

This is a week or month long in-depth mentorship package. The law school application advising process includes: (1) personal statement review; (2) resume review; (3) supplemental question review; (4) law school selection process analysis; (5) broadband strategy overview; (6) career considerations; (7) financial considerations, and (8) Q&A for any other questions. For documents to be reviewed, please have them written prior to booking this package. For the one month options, meeting times will be once weekly. For the week-long, meeting times will vary from 3-5 days out of the 7 day week. For any mentee who wishes to continue mentorship beyond the week or month, they may add package #3 to this package for 25% off. This package is $1500.

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Mentorship Package #2: Current Law School Students

This is a week or month-long in-depth mentorship package. This advising session is geared towards 1L law school students who have questions about what choices to make in law school or how to best prepare themselves for success. It includes: (1) Scheduling advice; (2) Memo/Brief writing tips; (3) Choosing extracurriculars; (4) Resume review; (5) Outlining & study tips; (6) Networking & email templates; and (7) Q&A to many other law school related questions. This package is a personalized mentorship session. Meeting times will be once a week for the month; or 3-5 times during the week to adequately cover all topics. For any mentee who wishes to continue mentorship beyond the one week, they may add package #3 to this package for 25% off. This package is $1000.

I am committed to helping current law school students find success in and outside of the classroom.

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Mentorship Package #3

This is a long-term mentorship package intended for sustained growth with continuous check-ins and follow-ups. This package is intended to grow with you as you encounter new phases throughout your law school career. Mentees will schedule an initial meeting to discuss pre-law or law school goals and meetings thereafter will continue once a month for the duration of the semester. Topics to be discussed will vary based on each mentees needs. Some examples include: preparing for moot court/trial ad competitions; applying to 1L jobs; transferring law schools; outlining or practice exam check-in; reaching out to mentors and networking; or any other questions. An example projected path: Student 1: Law school decision sheet -> (personal statement & resume, addendum, LSAT & GPA, ABA 509 report, finances) Student 2: 1L year -> (study schedule, outlining, extracurriculars, jobs, exams, grades). These are just two examples but suffice to say this is package covers whatever you would like in our once a month sessions. This package is $100 for the semester or for a four month period, whichever is less.

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Mentorship Package #4

This package is for students and individuals who do not need a long term mentorship package or who would prefer a one-time meeting. Come prepared with topics and questions to discuss during our conversation. Conversations will take place over the phone or via zoom and will be 30 minutes in length. This package is $25 for one meeting.

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Sephora Grey Mentorship
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 2 reviews
 by Mikaela
Get Sephora in your Corner Today!

Sephora is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about mentoring students at all stages of their law school journey. When I first met with Sephora, I was unsure if law school was the right path for me. From the outside looking in, applying to law school can seem overwhelming! Sephora became a great resource by demystifying the process for me. Through one-on-one sessions we discussed the law school application process, financial considerations, scholarships, LSAT study guides, and career paths within law. Sephora has a strong grasp on the current law school application landscape and is thorough in providing information and resources. Sephora ensured that I was well informed so that I could make the best career decisions for myself. Not only is she a great resource and mentor, but she is also an encouraging and positive force to have in your corner. Before meeting with Sephora, I was overwhelmed. After meeting with her, I felt complete clarity because she addressed every concern and consideration I had and presented it to me in an organized way. Whether you are considering applying to law school, completing your law school applications, or a current law student, I highly recommend booking a package with Sephora. She is an excellent mentor all the way around.

 by Jazmin
Personal Statement Review/Personal Advice - Law School Admissions Process

Going through the revision process with Sephora offered me a more thorough look at producing a great personal statement. Her advice on the admissions process helped ease my anxiety. Sephora is very prompt and thorough with her responses and I was very satisfied with the help that I received.