Mentorship Agreement

By signing up for a mentorship opportunity or any other service with Sephora Grey and her affiliated businesses I understand and agree that:

  • All advice given by Sephora Grey and/or any of her affiliates is purely intended for informational purposes and any advice taken, applied, or considered is done at your own risk. Sephora Grey and her affiliates assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise for any results or consequences that may turnabout from your actions after acting upon any advice given or by viewing, listening, reading, or otherwise consuming information as it relates to Sephora Grey, Topping the Curve and their affiliates. 
  • All advice given by Sephora Grey or her affiliates are purely the opinions of Sephora Grey, and is purely her own opinion, and not those of any school, law firm, or other entity or business entity who may employ Sephora Grey, be employed by Sephora Grey or any of the guests featured on Topping the Curve
  • I understand that any payment made to Sephora Grey for her mentorship services is done solely in exchange for the service of verbal or written advice from Sephora Grey and her affiliates.
  • No advice written or otherwise given by Sephora Grey or any of her affiliates may be re-shared or otherwise disseminated in any form without giving appropriate credit to Sephora Grey.
  • By signing up for a mentorship service you are agreeing to abide by these terms of use and all terms that could reasonably be understood to fall within these terms of use. 
  • Any dispute that may arise will go to an arbitration in the venue of choice by Sephora Grey and Topping the Curve.