Pre-law and Law Student Courses

In our effort to help pre-law and current law school students rise to their best selves and achieve their visions of success, we have courses available to aid them in that effort. Each course is a three-day course consisting of fulfilling and educational content. All students will walk away with digital products to help them on their journey. Read more below to find out more details and when courses are being offered.

Law School Applicants

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Three day course for two hours each day- $300

Students will learn to: write an effective personal statement, how to choose a law school, and how to craft the perfect resume to tell your story.

Specific details taught include:

  • Choosing a law school and factors to consider
  • Creating an excel spreadsheet for law schools
  • Crafting the perfect personal statement, tips and tricks
  • How to tell a story through your applications
  • Financial considerations and post-career opportunities
  • Evaluating a schools ABA reports
  • Resume editing
  • Undergraduate expectations

Students will walk away with physical products: (1) a law school applicant success guide and (2) a fully edited resume

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Current Law School Students

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Three day course for two hours each day- $500

Students will learn to: Create a law school schedule and practicing effective time management, finding and applying to jobs and the appropriate time period, how to network and effective networking strategies, and exam and outlining study tips.

Specific details taught include:

  • Finding and applying to jobs
  • Scheduling and time management
  • Grades and outlining
  • Study tips and exam taking tips
  • Creating an excel sheet for job applications
  • Networking tips

Students will walk away with these physical products: (1) a law school success guide, (2) an email template for networking, (3) list of firms, and (4) list of questions to ask employers.

Please note that these courses are not meant for individualized advice and is only meant for general experiences. Should you wish to receive individualized advice as it pertains to your situation, book a mentorship or consultation package here.

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