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Topping the Curve (TTC) law school mentorship community is a mentorship community that prepares students for success in law school. The community is open to everyone and ideal for: (1) undergraduate students interested in law school; (2) those applying to law school; (3) incoming and current first year law students. The community replicates group mentorship and prioritizing meeting the needs of each individual in the community.

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The community tackles and helps students master the most difficult and commonly faced struggles of pre-law and first year law students. It is an educational, informative, and engaging way for all pre-law and future law students to prepare for and learn more about law school.

Chat channels and open communication are open to everyone, no purchase necessary!

Members can choose which courses and resources they want to purchase. This makes the community open to more people in different stages of their application process and law school journey. 

The goal of the community is not only to provide more resources, information, and access to those who need it, but also to provide an alternative option to those who cannot afford or would rather not do 1-1 coaching. The On-Demand courses in the community permit students to have the same information and move at their own pace while replicating continuous mentorship and building community and network. .

More community benefits

Courses available for purchase each month: View full course list here
Access to a community of other prelaw and law students
Law student Success guides and scholarship lists
24/7 communication channels
Q&A and live video sessions with Sephora
Easy mobile access through the app
Course suggestions and requests
First access to news, resources, and TTC updates
Q&A and livestreams with guest attorneys
Email and Networking templates
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Disclaimers and more information

The Courses and Resources within the community are available for purchase. Please bear in mind that this is not a private 1-1 mentorship service, individual document edits and individual research are not included in the community. Payment for courses and resources in the community is non-refundable.

By signing up and subscribing to the TTC law school community you agree to the mentorship terms and conditions as listed here on this website. You also agree that any services provided are not a guarantee of results to your individual circumstance. Please find the mentorship agreement here.

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