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Sephora is a licensed attorney who graduated cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center. She received straight A’s in multiple semesters throughout law school; was Editor-in-Chief of the #1 Criminal Law Review in the country; worked at the Department of Justice; had multiple big law firm offers from top firms; accepted and worked at two big law firms during law school; was the assistant trial advocacy director; had multiple federal district and appellate court clerkship interviews; accepted a federal district and appellate clerkship for immediately after law school; coached clients from “B” students to “A” students; coached clients to six figure positions; has gotten multiple clients into law schools in the T50, T20, and T14; and more. Below are coaching packages for success. Read more on coaching here

Disclaimers and notices: Please note that all payments are non-refundable once services have begun or once documents have been edited and/or reviewed. Any refund before services have begun will not be refunded the 3% service fee from the payment processor. By booking any service or package you are attesting that you have read the mentorship agreement linked HERE and agree to be bound by its terms.

JumpStart Application Package

This package is limited to a small number of individuals. You may book this package a maximum of 18 months prior to the month in which you will start law school. Package cost is $7,500. Book here. The inception cost of this package will close at the end of March and the price will be raised. Payment plan via Klarna available at checkout

#1: Law School Application Coaching Packages

Turn around time between edits for all package clients is 3-7 business days. Prospective clients may book a consultation that will go towards package cost. Payment plan via Klarna available at checkout

$7,500 – Book here$4,800 – Book here$2,400 – Book here

Coaching Package #2 – One Time Law School Application Review

This package is for completed law school applications. It includes one review of your resume, personal statement, diversity statement or optional statement, and addendum. This package includes one meeting. Turn around time is 5-7 business days. This package is $1000. Book here.

Coaching Package #3 – 1-1 Meeting

To schedule a strategy session with Sephora please book below.

1 session$250 book here

Mentorship agreement

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Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Serena
Thorough, Supportive, Well-Versed

As a first-generation law school applicant, this process can be daunting. Without Sephora, I wouldn’t have known about half of the opportunities available to me or been able to complete this process the way I did. She is extremely thorough, supportive and well-versed in all things law school. They say it takes a village and I’m so glad Sephora is apart of mine.

 by Peyton
She is amazing!!!

Sephora was so amazing during my strategy session. Highly recommend.

 by Jill D
Such an amazing resource!

I met with Sephora for a one on one consultation where she went over everything law school related! As a first-gen student that just started playing around with the idea of law school, Sephora's advice, experience and expertise were beyond helpful! I feel so much more in control of my plan and what I can expect before during and after law school. i will definitely be connecting with her again once I get further into my law school journey!

 by Bobbie

I was so lost in my law school application process until I discovered Sephora. Her services really are top tier like the reviews say. I scheduled a general meeting with her discussing my plans to go to law school and how I was struggling on deciding what's best for myself and my application. She shows that she cares about what you have to say and gives a solution to every problem. My GPA and LSAT score weren't the best so I needed to have other parts of my application stand out. I felt so comfortable with her I proceeded to buy her document review package and it was the best decision I have ever made. She gets back to you in a timely manner and makes sure your documents are on the road to perfection. I feel more confident in my application process knowing that I have Sephora helping me perfect a portion of it. If you need someone who knows what they are doing and actually cares about your law school desires, Sephora is your person!

 by John Banks
Incomparable Experience & Person

I truly cannot recommend Sephora and her Law School Mentorship services enough. When we began, I was not confident in my application materials or the story I was telling throughout my application. However, once my application materials were complete, I knew they were strong thanks to Sephora. Sephora was extremely timely in her responses and thorough in her reviews and I could tell that she truly wanted me to submit the best application possible. I am currently half way through my cycle and can say that I have been accepted to schools that I did not think I was capable of, including a T25. Sephora helped make my application the best it could be and I am seeing the results in admissions decisions. I would recommend Sephora's Mentorship services to anyone who wants to make their dream law school acceptance a reality!

 by anna
mentorship package

Sephora is extremely professional and knows exactly what you need to have a great law school application. I worked with her over a few months and was very impressed with her quick responses, detailed comments regarding edits, and overall helpfulness. She is also very personable and kind. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help on law school apps. I am so grateful for her support.

 by Kris G
She's the right one for my journey!

I met with Sephora to discuss my long term plan/journey for law school, and I thought she was incredibly helpful! We went over a few general items like considerations for retaking the LSAT, my gap year plan, and how to approach application essays. She gave really insightful and encouraging advice, and I am excited to continue working with her!

Looking forward to building together!

 by Tori R
very helpful!

Sephora reviewed all of my documents before I submitted them officially. She made great corrections but also really helped me to expand on my writing. She reviewed all of my documents in three days! Because of her my application looks ten times better. I couldn't have gotten my application looking this great without her!

Tori, I am so glad you found my review to be helpful! Excited for your journey.

 by Rachel Ling
The best OCI prep mentor!

The competition of getting into biglaw has always been fierce, and I'm so lucky to have met Sephora before this year's OCI began! Sephora has abundant experience interacting with practicing attorneys, so she knows what the interviewers are most interested in learning about candidates. I had a brief one-time meeting with Sephora, during which she quickly and accurately spotted my strengths and weaknesses during interviews and provided a lot of practical advice for me, based on which I was able to improve and eventually get my dream offer! Sephora is the mentor who can help build your personal image and craft an impressive narrative for starting your career path!

Rachel, I am so happy you found your mock interview helpful and even happier you secured your dream big law position!

 by Zenab Chouai
Best Law School Mentor EVER!

Where do I start? My experience with Sephora`s "Mentorship Package #1: Law School Application" was nothing short of a miracle. Before I found her as a mentor, I felt defeated by my law school statements, resume, applying strategies, etc. Once I had her by my side guiding me through all the proper steps to take I completely changed my mindset. She is just a positive energy and knowledgable source to have during this stressful process. Not only did she review my documents but she took intricate time to make sure I understood any changes that needed revision. She also addressed any questions or concerns I had about law school or applying to law school and I had quite a lot. Moving forward because of her services, I now have the confidence and resources to excel at successfully applying to law schools, without fear. Sephora is highly passionate about mentoring and will not disappoint! It does not matter what phase of the law school process you are in, she will serve as a great mentor all around.

Zenab, it was such a pleasure to work with you on the full package application and I know you are more than ready to tackle law school!

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