Why coaching?

  1. What does coaching do?
    Coaching provides individuals with a supportive and collaborative environment to help individuals reach their desired academic or professional career goals. Coaches listen to the goals of the individual to assist them in identifying a clear vision for themselves and creating solutions for any perceived obstacles in their path. Individuals feel more confident and driven to achieve their goals and have a solid path forward to making their dreams a reality.
  2. How can admissions coaching help me?
    Coaches demystify the college and graduate school admissions process and sheds light on collegiate expectations. Through admissions coaching, individuals become more aware of who they are and they are able to present the best version of themselves to admissions counselors.
  3. How does coaching work?
    Coaching is a multi-step process. To best summarize in three steps: The first step helps you define yourself as an individual, and recognizes that the definition may not be all-encompassing. The second step is being able to embody that vision succinctly in conversation, interviews, and meetings. The final step is learning to tell the story of who you are through your application materials.
  4. Who is coaching for?
    Individuals who want to become the best version of themselves and always put their best foot forward in any decision they make are the individuals who are best suited for coaching.