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Sephora Grey
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 17 reviews
 by Saio
Invest in the course!!

Being a part of Sephora's course was helpful because it took away a lot of the anxiety I felt coming into law school. As a first-generation law student, there was so much I didn't know. While there is a lot of information you can look up on your own, sometimes you just don't know what you don't know; so, I wouldn't even know what to look for or where to look.

In the current hustle-culture social media world, everyone seems to have a course, e-book or podcast for sale, where you pay for information you likely already knew or could have found yourself. Sephora's workshops stand apart. She gets to the meat of the issues and provides insight I don't believe I could have easily gotten anywhere else. Each of the courses were relevant and informative. They were enjoyable, easily digestible and she made it easy to stay engaged throughout.

It is difficult to choose just one favorite workshop because I truly learned so much from each of them. The most impactful were about Studying/Outlining and Career Search and I highly recommend not skipping those workshops. My favorite thing about each workshop was how practical the steps were. In my law school application journey, I found that many students and even lawyers/faculty gave very general and vague tips filled with buzz words: "Make an outline" "Ask upperclassmen for outline"
"Join a journal", "moot court" etc. Rarely does anyone explain what an outline even is, what a good outline looks like, what a journal is, what the work actually entails and more importantly, how does it impact your career outside of law school (aka. What's the point? Why do it?).

Thankfully, Sephora is very knowledgeable and really approachable so you are comfortable asking questions and she doesn't give you the fluff or sound bites.
She gets into the weeds. Instead of telling you to take good notes, she provides step by step suggestions and tips on how to do just that. Instead of "make sure you study and read", she provides tips on what that should look like and how it can look different for each study style. A lot of the information makes more sense once you start law school but you can more efficiently put it into practice and hit the ground running.

Overall, I highly recommend investing in the course. Law school comes at you fast.
While you are not expected to come in knowing substantive knowledge about the specific subjects, you are expected to know what to do with all the information you learn FROM DAY ONE, and it is a lot of new information. This community, Sephora's teaching style, prepares you for just that.

 by Ava D.
Invest in yourself!!

I was initially hesitant to join the BBLB community due to the price and the plethora of free online resources already available. However, I can confidently say that the community is worth the investment. From hours of video lessons and useful examples to monthly coaching calls, this community is unmatched. No matter what phase of the law school journey you are in, Sephora has extremely thorough tips and offers advice that is tailored to your goals. The coaching calls are packed full of information and you can tell she truly cares about the success of each of her clients. Additionally, there are affordable options to have your application materials reviewed by Sephora which she returns in a timely manner with structured feedback that truly helps you put together the best application package. Another huge perk to the BBLB community is the opportunity to engage with your peers. I have found it especially helpful to hear about other people's career goals and learn about their own law school/application experiences and advice. Overall, the BBLB community is an incredible resource for applicants and law students alike. It is worth the investment in your future and, as a first-generation college student, has made this daunting process seem much more manageable.

 by Sakshi
Loved it!

I joined Sephora’s Beckon your Big Law Bag webinar and was thoroughly impressed at the amount of information she was able to share with us in an hour. It felt genuine and like she truly wanted to help us by sharing things you couldn’t google and just read about elsewhere. I walked away with concrete ideas and actionable steps I can take as I embark on my journey. I look forward to joining future webinars and events with her and you should too!!

 by Saio
Worth It !

I booked an hour session but didn't know what to expect. In the days leading up to our meeting, I got nervous and hoped she wouldn't just give me information I'd already gotten from other people (for free). && I'm so so glad I made the investment.

Sephora was incredibly insightful and so organized with all the helpful information she gave me. I can confirm that this was not a waste of time or money. She doesn't just throw out buzz words to sound experienced. She's lived it and knows what she is doing.

Unlike some salespeople "gurus", she won't hold back on info just to make sure you sign up for something else! She gave me so many gems and made great use of our time together.

I highly recommend Sephora. If you are unsure, schedule your meeting. It is so worth it !

 by Serena
Thorough, Supportive, Well-Versed

As a first-generation law school applicant, this process can be daunting. Without Sephora, I wouldn’t have known about half of the opportunities available to me or been able to complete this process the way I did. She is extremely thorough, supportive and well-versed in all things law school. They say it takes a village and I’m so glad Sephora is apart of mine.

 by Peyton
She is amazing!!!

Sephora was so amazing during my strategy session. Highly recommend.

 by Jill D
Such an amazing resource!

I met with Sephora for a one on one consultation where she went over everything law school related! As a first-gen student that just started playing around with the idea of law school, Sephora's advice, experience and expertise were beyond helpful! I feel so much more in control of my plan and what I can expect before during and after law school. i will definitely be connecting with her again once I get further into my law school journey!

 by Bobbie

I was so lost in my law school application process until I discovered Sephora. Her services really are top tier like the reviews say. I scheduled a general meeting with her discussing my plans to go to law school and how I was struggling on deciding what's best for myself and my application. She shows that she cares about what you have to say and gives a solution to every problem. My GPA and LSAT score weren't the best so I needed to have other parts of my application stand out. I felt so comfortable with her I proceeded to buy her document review package and it was the best decision I have ever made. She gets back to you in a timely manner and makes sure your documents are on the road to perfection. I feel more confident in my application process knowing that I have Sephora helping me perfect a portion of it. If you need someone who knows what they are doing and actually cares about your law school desires, Sephora is your person!

 by John Banks
Incomparable Experience & Person

I truly cannot recommend Sephora and her Law School Mentorship services enough. When we began, I was not confident in my application materials or the story I was telling throughout my application. However, once my application materials were complete, I knew they were strong thanks to Sephora. Sephora was extremely timely in her responses and thorough in her reviews and I could tell that she truly wanted me to submit the best application possible. I am currently half way through my cycle and can say that I have been accepted to schools that I did not think I was capable of, including a T25. Sephora helped make my application the best it could be and I am seeing the results in admissions decisions. I would recommend Sephora's Mentorship services to anyone who wants to make their dream law school acceptance a reality!

 by anna
coaching package

Sephora is extremely professional and knows exactly what you need to have a great law school application. I worked with her over a few months and was very impressed with her quick responses, detailed comments regarding edits, and overall helpfulness. She is also very personable and kind. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help on law school apps. I am so grateful for her support.

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