Beckon your Big Law Bag

You can perform well in law school and get your dream job offer. Let us help you get there.

Are you a law school applicant worried about getting into a good law school?

Are you a law school student worried about performing well in law school so you can land a big law job?

The Beckon your Big Law Bag Membership Community can help.

The Beckon your Big law Bag experience is an online membership community that helps ambitious students submit a strong law school application, raise their law school grades, and perform well in law school.

This community is for high-achieving and dedicated current and prospective law school students who want to perform well in law school and ultimately achieve a big law position.

Our mission is to provide the tools and resources necessary to succeed in law school and help members make decisions that will bring them closer to achieving their big law goals.

The Problem

Law school is often seen as a way to upward mobility, to change you and your families circumstance, or as a ticket into other careers such as in politics, government, academia, or the federal bench.

Unfortunately, much of the information on how to actually succeed in law school is not readily available. If you don’t have any attorneys in your family or other means of accessing constant informative information to guide you in the process, you are left to figure things out largely on your own and end up falling behind or playing catch up.

What makes it worse is that a lack of information and resources directly correlates to your success in law school. And ultimately, the easiest way to achieve your big law goals is to do well in law school.

If this resonates with you and you:

Feel defeated because:

  • You want to get into a top law school but are unsure of what to do, when to do it, and what law schools are looking for
  • Know that you want a big law job and don’t want to be stressed about what to do to help you achieve it
  • Have tried to reach out to mentors and pre-law counselors who can’t give you the help you need because they never went to law school and simply don’t understand
  • Have no lawyers in your family and don’t know what a strong law school application looks like
  • Want to perform well in law school but don’t know the first step to take to making sure you get the high grades you need
  • You know that doing well in law school is important but you don’t know what extracurriculars matter, what study methods to use, and how to apply them


  • Step-by-step guidance on where to begin your law school process and what you should be doing at each stage
  • Someone to tell you how you can get a big law job and give you the information you need to secure multiple offers
  • Access to resources and tools for the different situations and problems that may arise from someone who has BEEN THROUGH IT SUCCESSFULLY
  • To go through a clear sequence that will teach you how to write a strong application that will put you in the best spot for admittance
  • A licensed attorney to give you the steps to take to getting A’s in law school because she’s done it herself and knows the challenges you may face
  • Guidance on making choices that are right for you in your law school journey and will lead you to a big law position

The Solution

Join the Beckon your Big Law Bag Membership Community. In this program you will learn and get help:

  • Understanding the law school application process
  • Writing and drafting a competitive law school application
  • Knowing what a strong law school application looks like and packaging that perfectly for law school admissions
  • Understanding who a strong recommendation letter will come from and how to go about getting one
  • Choosing a law school to go to
  • Making the right choices for when, how, and what to study in law school to do well on your final exams
  • Crafting your personal narrative (orally) to effectively share with legal employers so you can get a job
  • Finally and most importantly, you will be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to get into and perform well in law school.
  • The membership experience includes a supportive online community where you will begin building your legal network and receive peer support along your journey.

The BBLB is a yearly membership that includes:

  • In-depth video trainings on building your best law school application 
  • Raising your law school grades training modules & worksheets
  • Video trainings to prep you for law school success 
  • Big law application prep modules 
  • Monthly live coaching calls 
  • Private facebook group for networking and building connections
  • Opportunity for 1-1 coaching

Whatever stage you are in, we meet you there.

Where are you in your application process? Whether you’re just writing your personal statement or just received waitlists from your top schools, we’ll meet you exactly where you are. Whether that’s brainstorming personal statement topics or writing a strong LOCI, our training will give you the next steps to take.

How are you performing in law school? No matter how you’re performing in law school, we provide you with actionable steps to take to perform better than your current state. Whether you didn’t perform well or if you just broke the median, we provide you with a plan to raise your grades and improve your performance. 

I don’t know what to do to get a big law job. Good news, we take you through the process, step-by-step on how to best position yourself to get a big law job.

Results you can expect

  • Submit a strong law school application
  • Build a law school study method that works
  • Raise your law school grades
  • Build a strong legal network
  • Perform better in law school
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The current starting salary for a first year big law associate is: $215,000

Your investment in the BBLB Yearly membership community is only $1999/YEAR

Spending less than $167/month for a full year of information to put yourself in a position to secure a $215,000 starting salary is a what we call a no brainer. There is no other opportunity to get this level of information, this deep, for a full year, at this price.

The BBLB Membership Community launches in August 2023, at the start of the school year/application cycle. The first 30 to sign up and make payment will get in for $1750 for their first year in the membership. This offer expires after the first 30 have signed up or on May 30, 2023, whichever is sooner. Buy now, pay later payment plans available at checkout.

1-1 Law School Application Coaching

1-1 coaching will be available to those in the membership community.

Disclaimers and notices: Please note that all payments are non-refundable. By booking any service or package you are attesting that you have read the coaching agreement linked HERE and agree to be bound by its terms.

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