Beckon your Big Law Bag

You can perform well in law school and get your dream job offer. Let us help you get there.

Are you a law school applicant worried about getting into a good law school?

Are you a law school student worried about performing well in law school so you can land a big law job?

If you are in undergrad, and not yet ready to apply to law school, click here.

Ask yourself…who are you and why law school?

If this resonates with you and you:


  • Step-by-step guidance on writing & submitting a strong law school application
  • To learn how you can get a big law job and secure multiple offers
  • Access to regular coaching to get your questions answered
  • To learn how to get A’s in law school
  • To join a community of like-minded individuals to build a forever legal network

Then the BBLB Membership community is for you.

If you submitted a perfect application?

If you got into your dream law school?

If you got scholarships to attend?

If you had a step by step process to getting the grades, crushing the exam, outlining, and more?

If you got your dream big law job?

That’s what we help you do.

Join the BBLB Community now.

Give me all the details on the community!!


The Beckon your Big law Bag experience is an online membership community that helps ambitious students submit a strong law school application, raise their law school grades, and perform well in law school.

This community is for high-achieving and dedicated law school applicants and current law school students who want to perform well and ultimately achieve a big law position.

The membership community is for law school applicants & students and will:

  • Keep you on an application timeline
  • Teach you how to choose the right law schools to apply to
  • Train you on how to write & what to include on ALL application documents
  • Teach you how to choose a topic & write a strong personal statement 
  • Step-by-step editing & reviewing of your documents
  • Multiple examples & drafts for each application document
  • Give you FIFTY (50+) law school scholarships to apply to
  • Teach you HOW to raise your law school grades
  • Teach you how to case brief properly
  • Teach you how to network & interview for jobs
  • Teach you how to prepare for exams & get A’s
  • Teach you how to find & apply to big law jobs

The membership community has:

  • Monthly live coaching calls
  • A private community for networking & questions with peers
  • Scholarships for applicants & current law schools students 
  • A law school outline bank
  • Networking email templates for outreach

Whatever stage you are in, we meet you there.

Where are you in your application process? Whether you’re just writing your personal statement or just received waitlists from your top schools, we’ll meet you exactly where you are. Whether that’s brainstorming personal statement topics or writing a strong LOCI, our training will give you the next steps to take.

How are you performing in law school? No matter how you’re performing in law school, we provide you with actionable steps to take to perform better than your current state. Whether you didn’t perform well or if you just broke the median, we provide you with a plan to raise your grades and improve your performance. 

I don’t know what to do to get a big law job. Good news, we take you through the process, step-by-step on how to best position yourself to get a big law job.

Results you can expect

  • Submit a strong law school application
  • Build a law school study method that works
  • Apply to multiple scholarships for law school
  • Raise your law school grades
  • Build a strong legal network
  • Get closer to landing a big law job
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Get ready to join down below!

Is the membership community for me?

  1. Do you want to go to a good law school?
  2. Do you want to submit a strong law school application & get scholarships?
  3. Do you want the investment you put into law school to pay off? (i.e. law school is expensive. Your job after should make it worth it).
  4. Do you want to know how to perform well in your courses?
  5. Do you want to learn how to properly study?
  6. Do you want to learn how to land a big law job?
If you answered YES, to any of those questions, then the community is for you.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Hear from my clients below:


The current starting salary for a first year big law associate is: $215,000

The average cost of law school is: $250,000

Your investment in the BBLB Yearly membership community is only $2499/YEAR

This investment is a what we call a no brainer. There is no other opportunity to get this level of information, this deep, for a full year, at this price.

Affirm, Afterpay, and Klarna accepted at checkout. Enrollment is closed. Sign up for the waitlist to be notified when it re-opens.

If you are in undergrad, and not yet ready to apply to law school, click here.

  • Does the Membership cater to 1Ls? The membership community is for both applicants and current law students, including 1Ls and 2Ls. There are separate modules and trainings for applicants and current students. As a current law school student, you will learn how to approach your classes, how to build your law school study schedule & make time for grades, networking, outlining, and more. You will learn about supplement usage, hot & cold relationships, exam preparation, how to get A’s and more.
  • Can the Membership help me if I am a part-time student? Regardless of whether a student is in the part-time or full-time program, the process for doing well in law school will still be the same. All the modules walk you through adjusting for your specific circumstance. Accordingly, the membership community provides the same exceptional benefits to part time students as it does to full time students. 
  • Will I have access to support and guidance in the Membership? Yes. The community itself will have other applicants and current law students that you can talk to, bounce ideas off of, and more. The community also has a private facebook group where you will interact with other members of the community as well as interact with Sephora. You would also attend the monthly live zoom calls (always recorded) and ask your questions there. Most of your questions are likely to be answered by going through your appropriate trainings and courses as they are very in-depth.
  • Does the Membership include 1-1 Coaching? The membership community does not include 1-1 coaching. The membership community is its own membership that provides all the benefits listed on this website as well as other benefits & resources. The membership resources, trainings, and models provide every member with the necessary individually-applicable step-by-step process to succeed on their journey.

Disclaimers and notices: Please note that all payments are non-refundable. The membership community is NOT 1-1 coaching. By booking any service or package or signing up for the community, you are attesting that you have read the coaching agreement linked HERE and agree to be bound by its terms. Please also read the privacy policy and terms of use.

There are no refunds. Topping the Curve provides all its content, benefits, and services upfront and immediately upon purchase and for that reason the policy is no refunds. The sole exception is if you are unhappy with your digital course, then you may request a refund within 48 hours of your purchase. Your refund will not include associated fees with your transaction. (4-8%).

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