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I’m Sephora, your dedicated admissions school coach, founder of law school mentorship community, Topping The Curve, and host of legal podcast,¬†Topping the Curve. I am committed to helping of all my clients and mentees succeed by ensuring they have the tools and information necessary for success.

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The law school mentorship community prepares and educates pre-law and current law students on the difficulties and struggles that are typically faced by law students. Through courses, training, live Q&A sessions, videos, guest speakers, and free resources, all students are prepared to succeed on their individual path to fulfilling careers. Further, the community fosters a sense of belonging and a chance to network among future lawyers and lawyers.

Helping you succeed on your law school journey.

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Law school is unlike anything an individual has faced before. It presents new challenges and also new opportunities. Prepare yourself to be the best you as you enter law school by getting in to and choosing the school that best fits your vision and goals for your career. We are committed to helping individuals chart the best course for their individual success in and out of law school. Learn more about law school coaching options here.

College is for you if you want it to be.

Prepare yourself in the best way possible in your college admissions journey. Coaching will guide you as you navigate the college admissions process by discussing your potential career path and future goals, identifying unique qualities and values you hold, and demystifying the application process. Learn more about collegiate admissions coaching here.

College Admissions Coaching

Topping the Curve is a law school podcast that interviews women attorneys, about how they found success in their careers and the path they took to get there. Topping the Curve, is not just a podcast, but also a source of information and resource for all attorneys, filling generations of gaps in the legal field.

Topping the Curve provides a unique perspective and inside knowledge to all those interested in the legal field or the law generally. 

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