Sephora Grey


Licensed Attorney | Law School Coach | Career Coach

About Me

Sephora graduated from Georgetown University Law Center with honors and multiple graduation awards. She worked in big law both of her summers while in law school and accepted two federal clerkships, one district and one appellate, to begin immediately after law school. Sephora has worked with many clients and have gotten them into top law schools all over the country. She has also advised many others in making career and life decisions. Learn more about Sephora here.

What we Offer

For Individuals

Sephora works closely with her clients to ascertain each individuals needs and tailors her approach and programs to fit each individuals. She works with individuals in three main arenas: law school, career, and life. To book a service click here.

Mentorship Community

The free law school mentorship community prepares and educates individuals on what to expect in law school. Individuals have access to courses, resources, live Q&A’s and guest speakers. To join and learn more about the community click here.

For Universities and Organizations

Sephora gives lectures, courses, and trainings to college students preparing for law school. To learn more and to book Sephora for a university event, contact us here.

Topping The Curve

Law school podcast that interviews women attorneys about how they found success in their careers and the path they took to get there.