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I’m Sephora, your dedicated law school coach, founder of law school mentorship community, Topping The Curve, and host of legal podcast, Topping the Curve. I am committed to helping of all my clients and mentees succeed by ensuring they have the tools and information necessary for success.

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The law school mentorship community prepares and educates pre-law and current law students on the difficulties and struggles that are typically faced by law students. Through courses, training, live Q&A sessions, videos, guest speakers, and free resources, all students are prepared to succeed on their individual path to fulfilling careers. Further, the community fosters a sense of belonging and a chance to network among future lawyers and lawyers.

Helping you succeed on your law school journey.

Achieving your own vision of success

Law school is not the same for everyone. I understand that your challenges and experiences are not the same as your peers, and therefore your goals and your career path will not mimic anyone else’s. That is why I am committed to helping students chart the best course for their individual success in and out of law school.

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Topping the Curve is a law school podcast that interviews women attorneys, about how they found success in their careers and the path they took to get there. Topping the Curve, is not just a podcast, but also a source of information and resource for all attorneys, filling generations of gaps in the legal field.

Topping the Curve provides a unique perspective and inside knowledge to all those interested in the legal field or the law generally. 

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