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I’m Sephora, your dedicated law school coach and mentor, and also the founder and host of legal podcast, Topping the Curve. I am committed to helping of all my clients and mentees succeed by ensuring they have the tools and information necessary for success.

Helping you succeed on your law school journey.

Achieving your own vision of success

Law school is not the same for everyone. I understand that your challenges and experiences are not the same as your peers, and therefore your goals and your career path will not mimic anyone else’s. That is why I am committed to helping students chart the best course for their individual success in and out of law school.

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Topping the Curve is a law school podcast that interviews women attorneys and law students, about how they found success in law school and in their career paths. Topping the Curve, is not just a podcast, but also a source of information and resource for all attorneys, filling generations of gaps in the legal field, particularly for minority attorneys. 

Topping the Curve provides a voice, perspective, and knowledge to all those interested in the legal field or the law generally.

Topics and guests run the gamut of judges, big law partners, judicial clerks, organization heads, health and wellness experts, financial experts, pro bono counsel, business owners, professors, and more. 

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